Sergio and his father, Ezio

Do We Really Want to Change?

Looking at the patterns of identity we’ve learned from our father.

Most often, when we define ourselves, we think of our material successes as if our inherent worth is measured by the amount of money we have. If we find our identity in many external things – what we own, what people think of us, who we aspire to be like – then our true identity is stolen from us. Continue reading

Resonating words from last Monday’s Session

sky_smResonating words

from last Monday’s Sans Pareil Session by participants:

“Make your own dreams & decisions and we’ll be there with you, and happy that you have made them.”

“The idea that Dad’s ideas and words become my inner voice.”

“Feelings we are not familiar with are not necessarily our enemy.”

“My desires are legitimate.”

“…Dying to my old way of seeing things.”

“The simplicity of the invitation to respond differently.”

Dying to Live Retreat

Come to the First Saturday Retreat – 2 May 2015

Dying to Live.

When we give our all to living fully, looking beyond our little securities, we come to know just how passionate and rich life can be. Too many of us fill our life with distractions and get lost in minutiae. This is not what Jesus envisaged when he said he had come to give us abundant life.

As a continuation of our reflections on Easter Friday, we are having a special retreat experience on the First Saturday in May. We will be reflecting on our lived experience, what we are living for and what we are dying for.

Full event details are available here.

I look forward to sharing the day with you.

Love,  Sergio and the relating team.

True to Our Self

True to Our Self?

Learning to value ourselves for who we really are, not by what we achieve.

Most of our lives we’ve been formed around learning not to trust ourselves. “Not your way…This is the way,” is what we have been told. We may have been compliant as children and obeyed, or reactive, doing the opposite. But with both ways we were still reacting to the same external reference point.

It’s a risky business becoming more authentic, letting go of things that no longer fit us and following the things that give us life. Continue reading

Spirituality Talks

Spirituality Download: ‘Inner Atlas’

Adventure with relationship mentor, Sergio Milandri. Explore spirituality and learn to relate well.

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Marriage Counselling

Counselling Download: ‘Marriage Insights with Sergio Milandri’

We get married to give and receive life. This marriage counselling series explores how we can nurture our journey of healing and growth.

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