“We have alternate paths…There is a way and it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.  Also, my pain isn’t my whole identity.” — Margie, Sans Pareil Session

Spirituality Talks

Spirituality Talks: Inner Atlas – Maps for the Soul Explorer

Adventure with expert relationship mentor, Sergio Milandri. Explore your spirituality and learn to relate well.

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Marriage Counselling

Counselling Download: ‘Marriage Insights with Sergio Milandri’

We get married to give and receive life. This marriage counselling series explores how we can nurture our journey of healing and growth.

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Our commitment to self

In growing up people around us either saw us truly, as we were, or they just didn’t ‘get us’. Many of us felt unseen, unloved and not enough. We felt measured and were found wanting. This has profoundly affected the way we see ourselves today. Our fear of not being ‘OK’ to those around us makes us hide our real and precious selves.

How much do I trust and believe in myself?

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Whale Trail Rock

A good time to be.

As you have heard from Carlo, Elizabeth and I have just returned from walking the Whale Trail. For 5 days we were led to walk, rest and reflect. The walk itself was symbolic of the varied terrain we pass through in life. From mountainous ups and downs with lovely views of the bays and Breede River Valley to beach sands and seaside cliffs with thundering waves. Some of the walking was easy and enlivening while other parts were tenuous and tough though none-the-less  rewarding. We were stretching in new places.

Whale Trail SeaIt came to me how much our outer journeys and efforts mirror our inner movements and exploits, that stepping out and pushing our comfort limits makes more space within. They give us a renewed room and perspective to move and be who we are becoming. Sharing the highs and lows with Elizabeth added the relational element to the story which is an ever unfolding mystery. A good time to be.


A Reminder To Love Yourself

This is a reminder to come to tonight’s Session on loving yourself. Sergio Milandri has been leading us in an exploration of this theme for several weeks. Last week’s Sans Pareil Session involved each of us looking at our face in a mirror, and then writing a love letter to ourselves. Don’t worry, self-love and selfishness are two different things. Self love looks at the whole spectrum of one’s self with unconditional love so that we can look past ourselves to see (and love) our community as it is. Exciting, hey? Please do join us at 7:30 for 8:00 tonight (Monday, 13th October) for a reflection and input by Sergio and a time of sharing, with cappuccino’s going around as well!

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