mother and child

Family Patterns

The patterns and roles we learnt from our upbringing have shaped each of us. These memories will hold us captive unless we make time to look at them.

These inner dynamics seem so ‘normal’ that we hardly realise they are there. We polish up our outer world to look good because we don’t know what to do with how we really think and feel on the inside. Continue reading

Newsletter - Our Body Speaks

Our Body Speaks

Our subconscious has amazing coherence about who we are. It gives us ongoing tell-tales to encourage us to explore our inner drama further so we can find deeper integration and healing.

We all hold reality in different ways. In our heads we may carry an ideal of how things should be, but this sets us up for disappointment. Though it might give us nice feelings for a while, it is disconnected from our fuller reality. Continue reading

our emotional landscape

Our Emotional Landscape

Physically representing emotions that we carry from our earliest childhood can be helpful. For example, we could choose an object to illustrate our struggles or draw our early emotional dynamics. Then we are able to see our inner landscape.

By receiving our emotions, by re-feeling the feeling, we better understand what has created our own unique emotional landscape. We often think our feelings come from someone or something ‘out there’, but those situations are simply mirroring back to us what is going on inside.

Continue reading

“We can work on our emotional problems in the same kind of way that we deal with problems in other areas of our lives, namely that perseverance and staying with the problem goes a long way.” — Ingrid, Sans Pareil Session

“We are in control or have control over the feelings that we may think control us.  We feel this sense of no control because it happened as a child when we had no control.” — Andrew, Sans Pareil Session

“It was the first time I have ever considered embracing my pain, and feel uplifted when I remind myself it is only a part of me and not the whole.”  — Bev, Sans Pareil Session

“I have always resisted my wound.  It is a revelation to meet with my wound, accept my wound, embrace my wound, move with my wound and not against it.” – Michelle, Sans Pareil Session

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