We're passionate about
transforming relationships
to be life-giving.

Together we craft tools
for connecting with
ourselves, God and others.

Workshops are run to help us
risk becoming our authentic selves.


We need to be consciously connected with one another so that we can wrestle together with our changing reality. My invitation to you is to find a community, to form a community. We’re hoping people will join us in together forming a broader community of people forming groups, friendships, coffee circles, marriages; making time to really look at how we’re living. You can do it in Blouberg, Jo’burg… or Oxford.

At relating.com we offer you tools and wherewithal to actually work with the realities of our lives that we’re being challenged to grow into. We need to be life givers, not life takers. If you’re not giving life, you’re taking life- there’s no in-between.

– Sergio Milandri

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Sergio’s books and talk series are a great resource for personal and group study.

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